Release: Eletronic Music

Release Date
Common Name
Ryann Project - Eletronic Music
Electro House

Ryann Project - Eletronic Music Tracklist

  1. 1 Kalashnikov Ak-47 (Original Mix) play Artist: Ryann Project Electro House / 2:35 / 128bpm / D♯-minor
  2. 2 My Name Is Optimus Prime (Original Mix) play Artist: Ryann Project Electro House / 2:46 / 128bpm / F-major
  3. 3 Sex Drugs And House (Original Mix) play Artist: Ryann Project Electro House / 3:05 / 128bpm / D-minor
  4. 4 Someday (Original Mix) play Artist: Ryann Project Electro House / 2:49 / 128bpm / D♯-minor

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